Release Notes (Dec 2020 - July 2021) - The New First Due Mobile (iOS/Android)

Release Notes (Dec 2020 - July 2021) - The New First Due Mobile (iOS/Android)

The New First Due Mobile Response App 

You spoke, we listened. The First Due team's greatest asset is the diverse experience of the firefighters we work with from across the country. We've tripled the resources invested in our Mobile Responder app to ensure that your feedback flows back into the platform. 

Over the next several months, First Due will be steadily releasing updates to the First Due Responder app. This Agile approach to gradually releasing updates allows the users to acclimate to the changes and enables the First Due team to quickly get improvements your hand.

1) Improved Homescreen and Relocated Menu 

  1. The menu has been moved to the top left in anticipation of new updates coming soon.
  2. The new alarms tile has stayed in the same spot but now opens from the right to improve product consistency.

2) Improved Incident Details Page 

 Key features include:
  1. New Call details layout
  2. Call type and address now display at the top of the screen. 
  3. New Statusing buttons
    1. If your agency is using Statusing, you will now see those buttons at the top of the new map.
    2. If you see Statusing buttons but would like these removed from your account, please reach out to your Client Success rep to disable. 
    3. If you'd like to learn more about enabling Statusing for your FD, please reach out to your Client Success rep. 
  4. Improved Map Layout 
    1. Quick Route (located in the top right) automatically begins navigation in Google Maps
    2. Expand map to see Route Overview
  5. Status Log displays assigned units in new box 
  6. New and dedicated sections for Building Story and Incident Details. 
  7. Look for some exciting user configuration options in the future.

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