Release Notes - October 2021

Release Notes - October 2021

Please Note: Starting this month Release Notes will be organized alphabetically by module name.

There has been a tremendous number of system enhancements this month.
Please take your time and visit each section module-by-module to learn about these terrific updates.

Admin Module

Improved Management of Roles and Permissions
  1. Our team has significantly improved the user interface (UI) for managing permissions for each role in your accounts. The permissions are now organized by module or system function instead of a single dropdown list (Admin > Roles > Select Role > Manage Permissions).

BETA - Hot Swapping Between First Due Accounts
  1. Local administrators will soon be able their users (based on role) to switch between multiple First Due accounts without having to log out and then log in each time (Admin > Roles > Select Role > Modify Permissions). This permission must be enabled:

Please contact your Client Success Manager if you'd like to be part of the beta test group.

NOTE: A knowledge base article (KBA) for this feature will be available soon.

Assets Module

Alert Badges
  1. The Assets Module now has "badges" to alert you when you have an incomplete work order assigned to you.
    1. The number in the badge will update when the work order is 1) closed or 2) assigned to someone else.
    2. When you have no open work orders, the badge will disappear.

  1. Checklists are auto-saved as you progress through the form so if you leave the page by accident, you can return without out losing any previously entered data. The checklist will show as incomplete. To resume where you left off in the checklist, select the "Incomplete Check List" button and then select the "Resume Check" button for the checklist you wish to working on (Assets > Apparatus OR Equipment > Select Apparatus or Equipment > Select Check List section > Select "Incomplete Check List").

Work Order Permissions
  1. New permissions for Work Orders (For the Assets Module, managed in Admin):
(Admin > Roles > Select Role > Modify Permissions)
  1. Inventory Modify Expiration Date
    1. If this permission is enabled, the expiration date can be edited in the checklist, otherwise, it only can be edited in apparatus/ compartment
  2. Apparatus Update Status (shown below)
    1. Allows the User to change the apparatus status. If this permission is enabled, the apparatus status in/out of service can be changed
  3. Equipment Update Status
    1. Similar to Apparatus Status but for Equipment
  4. Work Order Update
    1. Allows Users to edit the information associated with a Work Order and change its status using drag and drop.
  5. Work Order Create
    1. Allows users to directly create Work Orders. If a user does NOT have this permission, they can generate a Work Order during an Asset Checklist.
  6. Work Order Delete
    1. Allows a user to delete Work Orders.
  7. Work Order Drag and Drop
    1. Allows a user to change the Work Order status using the Drag and Drop in Work Boards. Adding comments from the Work Board is also allowed.
  8. Work Order Read
    1. Allows a user to access the work order boards in View Only mode.

New Fields for Work Orders
  1. Work orders for apparatus now include fields for the Odometer reading, PTO Hours, Engine Hours, and Aerial Hours (Assets > Work Orders > Select Board > Select "New Work Order").

  1. If, while completing a checklist or moving a work order to a completed state, you enter a value that is less than current entry, you will receive these warnings:


Direct Access to Apparatus or Equipment Details
  1. Now, with just one click/tap, you can directly access an apparatus or piece of equipment from the apparatus or equipment lists (Assets > Apparatus List OR Equipment List > Select hyperlink in "Name" column).

Hydrants Module

New Hydrant Zone Field
  1. Our team added a new field for your hydrant data: Hydrant Zone. Please contact your Client Success Manager to help populate this this dropdown for you (Hydrants > Hydrants List > Select a hydrant to Edit > Select a Hydrant Zone from dropdown).

  1. Hydrant Service/Inspections can now be started directly from the Hydrant List or from the map above the Hydrant List (Hydrants > Hydrants List > Choose Hydrant "pin" icon to open map OR Select "Play" icon)

Incident Documentation Module

Incident List Enhancements
  1. "Shift" column is now visible by default on the Incident main table (Incident Documentation > Incident List).
  2. Both the Shift and Status filters are now multi-select:

  1. We added a new "Completed by" Column to the Incident List main table (Incident Documentation > Visible Columns > Select "Completed by").
  2. All times are now shown in 24-hour format.

Associate Personnel with Incident Apparatus
  1. We are very pleased to announce that personnel assigned to apparatus in the Personnel Module can now auto-populate in an incident report (Personnel > Setup > Assignments > Select apparatus from "Associate with Apparatus").


National COVID Study Questions Added
  1. National COVID Study question added to NFIRS incident report (must be enabled by local administrator: Admin > Departments).

  1. Here's how the COVID-19 question looks in an incident report:

Adding an Incident from Scratch
  1. Incidents can now be added from scratch (Incident Documentation > Incident List > Add New). Reports started from scratch will begin in the Incomplete status.

  1. To enable this feature, local admins will need to navigate to Admin > Departments and check the box Turn on "Add New" button on Incident List.
    1. Options for incident number include:
      1. Is Automatic Incident Number EnabledIf selected, the new incident number will be the next number in sequence  (e.g. if the latest incident number by date/time is 1001, the new incident will 1002).
      2. Leave incident number blank: If selected, a report writer will need to manually enter the incident number.

Invoicing Module

Perform Bulk "Paid in Full" Operation
  1. You can now use a bulk operation to set multiple invoices to "Paid in Full" (Invoicing > Invoice List > Select Invoices > Select "Paid in Full").

Enhancement to Invoicing Forms and Envelopes
    1. You can now arrange the addresses and other info on the invoicing form to match mailing envelopes with display windows (Invoicing > Setup > Form).

Mobile App

"Locking" North on your Map
  1. The mobile app, both iOS and Android) now have the ability for the user to "lock north".  Once you begin a route, you will see the following icon that acts as a toggle. Tap once to lock the map orientation to north always being "up". Tap again to disengage "lock north".

iOS North Lock OFF                         iOS North Lock ON (note the "N" above the arrow)                                             


Android North Lock OFF                  Android North Lock ON (note the "N" above the arrow) 


Map Marker Size (Android)
  1. Android Users can now change the Map Marker size for easier viewing (User Preferences > Map Marker Size > Slide to adjust).


Receiving Notifications from Multiple First Due Accounts

  1. Users that work for more than one agency using First Due can now receive dispatch notifications from all of their First Due accounts.

  2. NOTE: A knowledge base article (KBA) for this feature will be available soon.

Customizing Status Buttons for the Mobile App

    This feature will be active within the mobile app in early November. Administrators can configure now.
  1. Local admins can now customize the response buttons in the First Due app (Response > Setup > Responder Status). You are able to m anagethe following components of the status buttons in the app:
    1. The button's name/alias (e.g "To Scene" can become "En Route").
    2. Map it to an NFIRS fields (e.g. "En Route can map to NFIRS "En Route").
    3. Change the order the buttons appear in the app by grabbing this icon:  and reordering the list.

      NOTE: You can choose only six buttons since that is the maximum number that can appear in the app.

Multiple Modules

Printable Occupancy Record
  1. When the "View Occupancy Data Report" permission is enabled for a role, a user can now print an occupancy data sheet with just the data they wish to view. This is especially helpful when updating any missing occupancy data (Admin > Roles > Select Roles > Select View Occupancy Data Report).

  1. This feature is accessed via the "Print" icon in 
    1. The Pre-Plan Organizer (Pre-Planning > Pre-Plan Organizer > Select the Print icon for the Occupancy)
    2. The Inspection Organizer (Inspections > Inspection Organizer > Select the Print icon for the Occupancy)
    3. An individual Occupancy Record (Pre-Planning > Pre-Plan Organizer > Select an Occupancy > Select the Print icon for the Occupancy)

  1. After selecting the "Print" icon, you can choose what data elements are displayed on the printable view:

  1. Example of Occupancy Information printable view:

Personnel Module

Time Off Accrual Feature has Arrived!
  1. Local admins can set up Accrual Profiles to establish accruals of sick, vacation, etc. for personnel in their department. The following permission must be enable for admins (Admin > Roles > Select Role > Select "Scheduling > Time Off > Manage Accrual Settings"):

  1. Building Accrual Profiles begin with ensuring each person has a Start Date (Personnel > Personnel List > Select a Person > Enter a Start Date).

  1. You'll also need to set their Accrual profile (Personnel > Personnel List > Select a Person > Select Accruals).

  1. Next, navigate to Personnel > Setup > Accruals to build your Accrual Profiles.

  1. As a person uses hours in the in various Time Off categories, their balances  will be reflected in their Time Off Bank.
NOTE: A knowledge base article (KBA) for this feature will be available soon.

Response Module

Start an Inspection and Perform Hydrant Service from Response Map
  1. Just like on the Pre-Plans Map, you can now perform the following on the Response Map (Response > Responder View):
    1. Start an Inspection on a property.
    2. Perform Service on a hydrant.

Reports Module

1710 Turnout Time and 1710 Travel Time for First Suppression Unit

  1. We added two new incident performance reports (Reports > Incidents > Select Report).
    1. 1710 Turnout Time 
    2. 1710 Travel Time for First Suppression Unit

Apparatus Details Report
  1. New report released for Apparatus Details that includes PTO Hours, Engine Hours, Aerial Hours and Odometer Mileage (Reports > Assets > Report Type Picker > Select 'Assets Apparatus Details').
    1. When selecting "Advanced Search", you are able to filter by date to see the values (PTO Hours, Engine Hours, Aerial Hours, Odometer) on that date. NOTE: If date field is left blank then default date = "today".

  1. In order for users to read this report, local admins will need to enable this permission for each role (Admin > Roles > Select Role > Check 'Assets - Read Apparatus Details Report'):

Inspection Progress Report
  1. Another new report...this time for Inspection Progress (Reports > Inspections > Report Type Picker > Select 'Inspection Progress Report')

  1. In order for users to read this report, local admins will need to enable this permission for each role (Admin > Roles > Select Role > Check 'Fire Inspection - Read Inspection Progress Report'):

Payroll Report Enhancement
  1. Enhancement to existing report: The Payroll Report can now be exported as a PDF or XSLX in addition to CSV (Reports > Scheduling > Report Type Picker > Select 'Payroll').

Training Module

Add Multiple Tasks to Training Assignment
  1. A user can now create an Assignment with multiple Tasks and set the Duration of the Assignment (Training > Training Assignments > Add Assignment).


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