Navigating the Mobile Menu

Navigating the Mobile Menu

To navigate to the settings menu on the mobile application f rom  the Map, select the  Mobile Menu icon   is located in the top left corner of the screen.  The following is a summary of each item from within the menu:

If coming from either the  Incident List  or  Incident Details  click on the red icon on the bottom right of the screen to return to the Map view.


is an in-app method of communication among users.  The Chat groups must be pre-configured by an administrator.  Follow these steps to set up chat groups:

Setting Up Chat Groups

From the Mobile App
  1. Once in the Mobile menu select the (Settings) line. which will take you to the mobile web site.
  2. Follow the remaining steps from the Web Version below:
From the Web
  1. Select the Menu icon represented by three lines on the top right. 
  2. Select Data Management
  3. To set up a CHAT select Chat Groups.
  4. Once in Chat Groups you can create a new chat group by selecting
  5. Enter the name of the Chat Group.
  6. Users can be added to the group in two ways:
    1. Add SPECIFIC Users - Select the Limit Users in this Group to choose individuals to add.
    2. AGENCY WIDE Group - Leave the Limit Users in this Group box unchecked
Messaging for Chat Groups is only available in the Mobile app. 


Filtering Notifications

  1. Click on Notifications in the Mobile Menu to access your profile.
  2. Once in your User Profile, click on Settings
  3. Toggle off All Dispatches  
  4. Users can select  to receive notifications filtered:
    1. Dispatch Units
    2. Dispatch Incident Types
  5. Check each unit or incident type to receive notifications for those marked.
If    is turned off, and no units or incident types are checked, the user will NOT RECEIVE APP NOTIFICATIONS

Temporarily Disable Notifications

If a user wants to temporarily disable notifications, complete the following steps:
  1. From the Mobile Menu, choose Notifications
  2. Toggle the slider to OFF
  3. Choose Date and Time to restore notifications,
  4. Click 
Choose Date and Time to
resume notifications


The Pre-Plans menu on the mobile application will navigate the user to the mobile web-based version of First Due.  From here the pre-plan list from the right side of the screen can be selected.  Pre-plans are easy to edit from any mobile device. 

Editing Pre-plans on a Mobile Device

After selecting an incident, simply select the "Edit Pre-plan" icon on the right of the screen.  This will launch the Pre-Plan mode similar to the web based version.  Some of the icons vary from the web and are described below.
 PUBLISH - This icon will save and publish the edited pre-plan to your agency.
If your agency has restricted some users ability to publish, you may not see this option, you will only see the Draft option.
  DRAFT  - This icon will save the pre-plan to the Draft state.  A member of your agency with Publishing permissions can then publish the edited pre-plan to your agency.
  CANCEL  - This icon will discard any edits you have made to this pre-plan.
  COLLAPSE MENU  - This icon will shrink the Pre-Plan menu to the left, allowing full view of the map.
  EXPAND MENU  - This icon will expand the Pre-Plan menu to full screen, allowing the user to update additional pre-plan data.

Attaching Photos in the Mobile Pre-Plan

To attach photos from the Mobile Pre-Plan section, follow the following steps:
  1. Enter Editing Pre-Plan mode
  2. In the toolbar at the top of the screen click on the Attach Icon.
  3. Tap on the Drop files here or click to upload
  4. Choose to either capture a photo with your device's Camera or access your device's photo gallery or file system to choose a photo previously taken.
  5. If the incorrect photo has been uploaded, choose Delete.
  6. Choose to either Publish or save to Draft your pre-plan.
Screenshots of adding a photo options from the mobile pre-plan.
Android                                                                       iOS

 User Preferences

The user preferences menu allows each user to set their individual preferences for how the First Due app will function. 
User Preferences Menu

Alert Ringtone

Selecting Alert Ringtone will navigate the user to the Ringtone List where there are over 20 different notification tones. 

Repeat Alerts

This allows for the notification alerts to repeat after the initial alert. 

Open on Incident List on Map

The First Due mobile application will open up to the incident list if turned on. 

Show All Incidents on Map

If this is turned off, only the selected incident will appear on the map within the application. 

Show Action Bar

The Action Bar is found at the bottom of the map in the mobile application. 

  Notifications Icon - will  navigate the user to the notifications page in app.  This page allows a user to disable notifications for temporary amount of time.
 Chat Icon - Will navigate the user to the Chat Group page. 

Show Vehicle/Responders Locations

Responders with the tracking positions turned on will appear on the mobile application map

Share My Location 

Users can see your position within the First Due maps.

Stop Sharing My Location After

Tracking stops after the selected amount of time.
Vehicle and Responder location sharing is currently in testing and may not be available for all agencies.

 Enhancement Requests

From the Mobile Menu users can request feature enhancements.  First Due prides itself on solving first responders problems with data. Our clients help shape the product and we want your help. If there is something that could work better or a feature that you feel may be a great addition to First Due, please complete the following steps.
  1. Click on 
  2. Add a TITLE to your request
  3. Enter additional COMMENTS about what the feature would do, how it would be beneficial to responders, etc.
  4. Click 

 Dev Info

This is the program information for the current version of the mobile application on the device.  If you are experiencing any issues with the application a member of our team may ask for you to provide this information.

 Log Out

Provides the user with the ability to log out of the program.
When logged out of the application, ALL notifications will stop.  If you wish to temporarily stop notifications, we recommend you following the instructions found above.

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