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Users and Passwords

A user's login credentials works across both the Web version of First Due and the Mobile app.  This article will explain how to maintain user names and passwords

Logging In

New Users

New users will receive a Welcome Email from either the First Due team or your agency's project manager. Follow the instructions in this email to reset your account's password to gain access to the system. 

Established Users

Users who have already gained access to First Due can use their normal login credentials. Users can remain logged into both the Mobile app and the Web platform simultaneously.


Adding New Users (Less than 10) 

Follow the below steps to add a new user:
  1. Open up the Admin Panel in the top left corner  
  2. Click on Admin Tools
  3. Click on Users
  4. Click on the  button. 
  5. Add the User's Email, Password and a Name at a minimum. 
  6. Remember to select the Role associated with the New Users.
Training Video - Creating a New User Within First Due

Adding New Users (more than 10) 

First Due is happy to help bulk import your new list of users. When entering 10 users or more, complete the Users Spreadsheet available for download below.

Deleting Users 

In order to remove users from the system, follow these steps:
  1. Open up the Admin Panel in the top left corner  
  2. Click on Admin Tools
  3. Click on Users
  4. Search for the user by completing at least one of the following fields:
    1. ID
    2. Email
    3. Name
  5. In the Actions column, click on the delete icon
  6. A prompt will display and ask "Are you sure you want to delete USER?"  Click OK to delete that user.


First Due is a password protected enterprise platform. This means that an Agency using First Due must create a User for you. When they do this you will receive your log in credentials via email with instructions to login. If you believe you have an account, but did not receive a welcome email you can get started by following the instructions below:

Training Video - Resetting Your Password

Resetting Your Own Password 

2. Enter your email address associated with your account and click "send password reset email"

3. Check your email (including spam and junk folders). Click the link to reset your password:

4. Type in your new password twice and click change password

Changing My Password

Within Account Settings, Users have the ability to change their password.
  1. If logged in, click on your name in the top right corner to access your account settings.
  2. Click on Change Password.

Admin Password Reset or Change

Follow the below steps to update, change, or reset passwords for your users.
  1. Open up the Admin Panel in the top left corner  
  2. Click on Admin Tools
  3. Click on Users
  4. Find the user you wish to edit. You can search for them in the fields at the top  or you can scroll through the list of users.  
  5. Once the User is found, the column on the right-hand side of the screen will have Actions.  The pencil allows you to Edit the user, the trash can will completely Delete the user.  *Note if you delete the user on accident you can simply recreate the User with the same email used previously. 
  6. The Password form will be blank.  Enter the new password in the box. Keep empty if you don't want to change it.  
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the form and select 

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